VE3SP - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Radio Aficionado - Radio Frequency Spectrum Operator

Toronto Ontario, Canadian (Amateur | HAM) Operator | HF | VHF | UHF - Brandmeister | DMR | C4FM Fusion | NXDN iDAS | P25 | HSMM HAMNET | Othernet | RaspberryPI | MMDVM |

Hello and welcome to this page and website.

To learn more about my 30 years as a Spectrum Frequency Aficionado and Radio Enthusiast.

The collection of post within my website/blog contains descriptions of some of the equipment own(ed) for HAM Amateur Radio. I do things with purpose, conviction, mindfulness, and confidence in my life, all from my innate sense of pride with proven moral and ethical values.

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The collection of post within this blog ( contains descriptions of some of the equipment I use for HAM Amateur Radio. BLOG (for contact details)

Toronto Ontario Canada

Toronto Ontario Canada


Beautiful image of the city of Toronto ONTARIO Canada 🇨🇦 
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