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Worldwide, there are around three million ham radio operators, often referred to as hams. They communicate over designated radio waves using two-way radios, homemade equipment, antennas, repeaters, the internet, and even via satellites orbiting the earth.

To learn more about my almost 40 years as a Spectrum Frequency Aficionado and Radio Enthusiast.

(Me) Andre is perspicacious with highly elevated moral and ethical values.   Dunning-Kruger Effect

A bodacious Radio Frequency Spectrum Operator, Ontario, Canada (Amateur | HAM) Operator | HF |  #SAT #FT8 | CW  —  VHF | UHF - DMR (Brandmeister) | Fusion C4FM | NXDN | #P25 | #AREDN

The collection of post within this website / blog contains descriptions of some of the equipment I use for HAM Amateur Radio.  I do things with purpose, conviction, mindfulness, and confidence in my life, all from my innate sense of pride with proven moral and ethical values.  A simple guy first that is egoless, seeking fulfillment.

A Cancer journeyman ! 
seeking excellence in life ....

Canada ISED Certificate  -      ///   VE3SP.CA  or  www.linktr.ee/VE3SP

My sponsor club is:  VE3BRA.COM ,    Donated repeater(s)

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my personal message to you.   “ you are beautiful share your love with others, as simple as a smile to brighten someones day ”

I have been blessed with abundance. thanks 😊 

HAMshack Hotline here.  -  Details:  Telephone# 

Technologist, Computer Programmer, Diver, Skydiver, Windsurfer, Ham Radio Repeater Owner.  

A simple guy first and at peace in nature.  My dream vacation is a portage into algonquin park for a week or two,  achieved over many years.  The caribbean is my home from birth and yearly.

Joke #1 :   How did Mr.hamburger introduce his date ?
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Joke #2 : How do you make an Octopus laugh ?   
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Things I am proud of to name but a few :  

Full List  here 2010+
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DMR NET created/founded ::   (2013 - 2019)
2015 - DMR Net CANADA -- tinyurl.com/dmrnet
2017 - BrandMeister Net Canada -- https://tinyurl.com/302dmrnet

Projects involving 5000+ persons
  • 2022 Personal Development / 5-10km running daily 
  • 2022 Personal Development / eating to become VEGAN
  • 2022 Domain mentioned URL addresses, all owned 
  • Owned - www.ic905.com, www.id52a.com, www.ic7300.com, www.ic-7100.com, www.FT710.com, www.FT5DR.com, www.FT3DR.com, www.FTDX10.com, www.FT991a.com, www.FTDX101mp.com 
  • AREDN Canada 🇨🇦 digital mesh setup - www.AREDN.ca
  • 2022 (01 - 15) January project planning
  • 2021 Grid square locator  "FN03.ca" project 
  • 2021 VE3SP Hamshack Hotline 1 of 6 lines on “VoIP ATA” and phones - ATA is short for Analog Telephone Adapter.
  • 2021 Weekly group of 20+ Meet-up HAM Amateur Radio friends in Toronto Canada - www.hamRadiomeetup.com
  • 2021 (8) projects planned this year 
  • 2021 Hamshack hotline expansion - see VA3AGV.com 
  • 2021 VoIP expansion - see VA3WZW.com 
  • 2021 Project / Completion;   www.ARRL.ca -  www.VE3.ca // www.VA3.ca
  • 2021 Satellite communication - HAM INTERNET - setup and completed
  • 2022   Jokes - www.HamMacho.com   - Jokes     
  • 2021 Repeater project - www.Repeaters.ca (completed // in-proces)
  • 2021.  HAM NET LIST - www.HamNetList.com
  • 2001 - 2021 Weekly group of 20+  Meet-up HAM Amateur Radio Toronto Canada - www.HamMeetup.com
  • Full list ……

Full accomplishments

Things I am proud of to name but a few :    5-/+ year complete here

see the link above for the full list - Full List  here 2010+

My interest include :   MMDVM (Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem)


Link:   happiness attracts happiness

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73,  Andre VE3SP / VA3AGV

Ontario, Canadian - Spectrum Radio Aficionado and Enthusiast
Radio Frequency Spectrum Operator, Ontario, Canada (Amateur | HAM) Operator | HF | VHF | UHF - DMR (Brandmeister | DMRMARC | DMR+) | Fusion | NXDN | #P25 #P25NX | #HSMM #HAMNET |

come visit, come love our city

come visit, come love our city

Radio Frequency Spectrum Operator, Ontario, Canada (Amateur | HAM) Operator | HF | VHF | UHF - DMR (Brandmeister | DMRMARC | DMR+) | Fusion | NXDN core | #P25 #P25NX | #HSMM #HAMNET |


QRZ QSO logbook confirmation (SOLVED)

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Joke :   How did Mr.hamburger introduce his wife ?
Answer :    Meat Pattie

Joke #2 : How do you make an Octopus laugh?      
Answer  :       With ten-tickles  (Tentacles)

Remember your ABC’s – ALWAYS BE CAREFUL

YES, I am aware of an individual(s) purchased my CANADIAN call-sign and (30-40) domains (websites) for Extortion.   I am disappointed by a few persons that have been malicious and abusive in our city of Toronto/Ontario and NOT responsible.  
Discreditable claims or use of SLANDER, DEFAMATION are LIBELOUS may be prosecuted.
The nefarious actions in Toronto and CANADA Include ::
 READ HERE    http://torontorepeaters.blogspot.com/